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Life before

“Before, we were solely using Altium’s ecosystem and were not happy with the way it was working. Using Concord Pro, we had to migrate all of our designs over. We didn’t have much trust in Altium 365’s complicated migration process.”

“Past tools were extremely slow – everything ran locally, and then Git was managed elsewhere. This was one of the biggest headaches. It was really easy for all of us to reach an agreement on trying to improve our hardware design process.” gives us visibility of our ECAD projects – we can track and access everything nicely. Reviews, diffs, etc. Compared to other solutions, it’s really nice having something agile that doesn’t take 30 minutes to load.
I’d describe as Visual, Fast, and Collaborative.

Process improvement

“When we came across, it was a great opportunity to migrate our designs to a platform that would provide more transparency across our team. If there’s a problem we can easily fix, we all need greater visibility into that”, said Marcos. “That occasionally means collaborators external to our company as well. There’s no room for layering on performance issues we ran into using other tools at such a critical time in the design process.“

“Trust was an important factor in choosing your platform. We were stuck in an environment where we were bound to work with Altium.” Being locked into an established way of doing things, common with other legacy tools, was something the team was looking to move away from. “With, we can easily use any type of ECAD format. That level of flexibility was extremely important to us.”

Migration of design files

Migration of designs was also crucial in deciding what their hardware team’s tech stack looked like. “Without, migrating designs and transitioning between formats would have been far more complicated. You would hope that moving from Altium to non-Altium solutions would be simple, but it’s not so easy in their ecosystem.”

Many engineering teams, and both SMBs and enterprises, often utilize proprietary tools developed in-house. “Connecting with our company’s proprietary tools would have been impossible with other platforms.’s API made it easy to connect with our interior tools.”

Leveraging the power of Git also helped their team work more seamlessly together. “Git is much more ideal than other workflows. Its traceability saves us time, which has helped us be more agile.”

One of our favorite features is the ability to visualize schematics layouts in a fast and dynamic way. Having makes it much easier to access and understand our complex designs.

Consolidated communication channels

Onboarding new employees

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