12 essential resources for electrical engineers


Here are 12 of our favorite resources, covering a wide range of all things electrical engineering.


EDN is a community for electrical engineers. In addition to news and regular industry subject matter experts regularly contributing pieces, EDN also has a lot of resources. These include tools, courses, and community feedback on questions or your design ideas. EDN is a great place to glance through weekly or become part of the community and engage in conversation. In our spare time, we also love following their teardown series! Highly recommended for those who enjoy looking under the hood of consumer electronics. EDN’s weekly newsletter is also a great read if you don’t have time to browse all of the site sections.

EDN community for electrical engineers.

EE Power

EE Power boasts a massive archive of content, including a podcast with senior-level engineers at Fortune 500 companies, frequent news, datasheets, technical articles, market insights, and white papers.

Their Podcast, Moore’s Lobby, features high-profile leaders discussing industry trends, human stories behind organizations and engineering teams, and, above all, circuits.

Publication for electrical engineers.


Need some inspiration for a project you’re working on professionally, or just want to create for fun? Maker. pro has both, with a massive community offering tutorials and guides full of videos, diagrams, boards, and 3D models to guide you through DIY projects.

Members collaborate on projects with one another, share designs, and are also guided on how to bring their creations to market. We also recommend sharing any projects you’re tinkering with here; it could be helpful to other community members, and they will provide you feedback on your posts.

Along with videos, projects are often written like recipes, with the hardware listed like ingredients and necessary tools as if they are in the kitchen.

Massive EE community with various content types.

EE World

Their blog and youtube series span Chroma systems, microchips, GaN systems, Digi-Key, and even oscilloscopes. EE World focuses far beyond just industry news. The ‘Digital Issues’ section is essentially handbooks covering broader topics, like IoT and power electronics.

On the denser side of things, their whitepapers provide in-depth research on topics such as prototyping, overvoltage prevention, and signal chains.

EE World blog.

IEEE Spectrum

A site funded by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers organization, IEEE Spectrum, provides daily news on startups and enterprise inventions. Like the professional association that created it, IEEE Spectrum’s news coverage is global and covers many industries, including Biomed, Aerospace, AI, Consumer electronics, Robotics, Telecommunications, Transportation, and more.

We recommend checking out the ‘History of Technology’ section, which is regularly updated with articles on the evolution of well-known inventions, as well as the stories of some lesser known technological advances.

IEEE Spectrum magazine and publication.


Looking to find a community of electrical engineers? The EEVblog forum provides just that with its “free and open forum for electronics enthusiasts and professionals” that spans multiple topics from microcontrollers to thermal imaging.

Additionally, there are a variety of unscripted tutorials and blog videos on their YouTube channel designed to educate and entertain their viewers based on creator David L. Jones passionate charisma and knowledge from his 25+ years in the EDI. The EEVblog is a great site for beginners and experts alike.

EEVBlog forum.


Created by engineers for engineers, Theanalog.io is a go-to weekly, technical newsletter that covers a variety of topics in hardware engineering and manufacturing news. The structure of the newsletter gives a clean and simple look that is effectively jam-packed with relevant links to interesting weekly highlights, startups, links, and jobs.

The focus of the newsletter brings an emphasis to the personal side of engineering with in-depth interviews of individuals or companies that are actively working in the field and their experience and expertise.

TheAnalog.io weekly newsletter for electrical engineers.


Who doesn’t love a good subreddit thread? Embedded is a sub thread dedicated to discussions and questions about embedded systems. With over 70k members, there is no shortage of EE to converse with and assist you with any questions that arise.

There is also an Embedded Wiki with a job FAQ for concerns like breaking into the embedded systems design positions and a technical FAQ that handles resource concerns for developmental tools and CI/CD.

Embedded subreddit for electrical engineers.

Embedded Artistry

Embedded Artistry provides embedded systems content that teaches its readers advanced skills and modern software practices. They offer courses in areas like Architecture & Design, Building Software, and Embedded C++, and they also have relevant blog posts, a community forum, and a newsletter, all for free.

One of our favorite and unique parts of Embedded Artistry is the Field Atlas. This field guide offers information about software engineering, electrical engineering, product development, managing a career, and mastering ourselves that has been collected throughout the creators’ careers. It’s easy to use and filled with helpful information.

Embedded Artistry resources.

The Agile Embedded Podcast

Listen to The Agile Embedded Podcast with Jeff Gable and Luca Ingianni. This podcast focuses on topics that get your embedded device to market faster and have higher quality with an emphasis on safety-critical industries.

The Agile Embedded Podcast is available on Apple, Google, and Spotify.

The Agile Embedded Podcast.

Phil’s Lab

Sometimes, it’s just more helpful to have a reliable visual guide. Cue in, Phil’s Lab on YouTube. This channel offers tutorials on PCB design, Control System design, DSP, analog and digital electronics design, and more.

Phil’s Lab spans a large range of topics while providing an in-depth look at each video.

Phil's Lab youtube channel.


FEDEVEL Academy offers top-notch courses led by a Motherboard Designer that explain advanced hardware design, advanced PCB layout, how to design your own board, and the essentials of creating uBoot, Linux, and more for your boards.

You should also check out their YouTube channel, which centers around schematic and PCB design.

FEDEVEL Academy resource.

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