SLA and support terms

UptimeDays Credited
< 99.5% – ≥98.0%3
 < 98.0% – ≥ 95.0%7
< 95.0%15
Priority LevelDescriptionResponse TimeResolution Time
1Major Impact: The Service is inoperable with a serious degradation in performance due to an Error in the Service where all Authorized Users cannot reasonably continue to use the Service because of the Error, the Error cannot be circumvented with a workaround, and it affects Authorized User’s ability to perform its business.up to 2 hoursup to 8 hours
2Moderate Impact: An Error in the Service for all Authorized Users causes performance to be significantly degraded such that use of the Service is materially impaired, but the Error can be circumvented with a workaround.up to 4 hoursup to 24 hours
3New User Onboarding Issues: New Users of the Service experience an onboarding issue (e.g., related to setup and configuration of the Service related to the Service).up to 24 hoursup to 3 days
4Minor Impact: An Authorized User experiences a performance, operational, or functional issue in its use of the Service, attributed to an Error in the Service, that can be circumvented with a workaround, and the Error causes only minimal impact to the User’s ability to use the Service.up to 48 hoursup to 5 days
5General Questions: No issue with performance or operation of the Service. These include standard questions on API configuration, dashboard functionality, enhancement requests, or documentation clarification.up to 48 hoursup to 7 days
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