Q&A: Hardware development, collaboration, documentation

As engineers ourselves, we built AllSpice to be a platform that helps engineers create incredible hardware products more efficiently. We love talking with our users, and we’re so happy you’re talking back to us 🙂. Here’s a recap of a live Q&A about hardware product development, collaboration, and documentation.

Let’s recap

For the live Q&A, we teamed up with Kaethe Henning from Alloy Product Development to have a conversation about collaboration in hardware development (try saying that three times fast). We kept the session small and cozy so we could answer everyone’s questions — and we sure had plenty of them to answer 🙌

We covered a lot (stay tuned for Q&A clips popping up on our LinkedIn soon 👀) but just to give you a taste, here’s what our topics included:

  • An overview of the basic development stages across HW companies, the common pitfalls at each stage, and solutions to avoid them
  • When to design in-house vs. outsourcing to a development firm
  • Our favorite collaboration tools for HW teams
  • Why documentation is important and some best practices
  • Hot trends in HW development we’re excited about 🔥
  • Software practices we see commonly used in HW

Hungry for more? Watch the full Q&A video below or on our YouTube channel.

As always, happy developing – and we hope to see you at our next event!

Do you have any specific questions you’d like covered in our future live Q&A sessions? Let us know at [email protected].

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