[Interview] How engineers shape AllSpice and hardware’s future

AllSpice cofounders Valentina Ratner (right) & Kyle Dumont (left).


I sat down with our co-founders, Kyle & Valentina, to understand their relationships with customers and how they shape the product roadmap of AllSpice.

What kinds of engineers benefit the most from using AllSpice?

There are two parts to consider when considering which engineers will gain the most from AllSpice.

The first is the technical requirement that concerns who we can support. We started with Altium, KiCAD, and OrCAD.  We have many more formats on the product roadmap; subscribe to our newsletter for product updates, and take a look at some of these formats near the footer of our homepage.

Typically, people who use Git revision control or companies already on GitHub, GitLab, and BitBucket are ideal customers since they are already familiar with Git workflows. AllSpice is also helpful for teams transitioning from SVN to Git that want a native solution for electronics.

The second part involves teams looking for better collaboration in their hardware designs. Many users either come from slow and time-consuming systems or general-purpose tools such as PDFs and Excel and need something that will scale with their team.

Engineers want more flexible systems that help them quickly make design changes. AllSpice resonates with teams using Git workflows or that are interested in learning to apply those principles to their hardware designs.

What are some benefits of being a young company?

Being a young company allows us to partner more closely with forward-thinking companies in how they want to structure and manage their engineering teams. We focus on the future of hardware development by collaborating with customers who share this vision.

We are an engineers-first company, so we enjoy talking directly to the end-users who use the platform daily. Joining AllSpice as a customer is an opportunity to scope, design, and help assemble the vision with us and regularly see it in our product updates.

What are you most excited about in the future?

To enable hardware engineers to own the data they create, which comes from using open and available interfaces that allow many systems to talk to each other.

We exist to give people the tools to develop their own processes that work for them. It’s very rare that the same exact thing will apply to everyone, every type of product and team size.

If we are successful, there will be no ‘AllSpice way,’ but rather a unique way for each engineer to craft their own workflow.

To learn more about AllSpice, see a live demo here.

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